Conservative whistleblower says she discussed third-party payment with Patrick Brown

A woman identifying herself as the whistleblower in the Patrick Brown campaign says she personally discussed with the Conservative leadership candidate an arrangement for her to be paid by a private company.

“Mr. Brown told me that it was permissible for me to be employed by a company as a consultant, and then for that company to have me volunteer with the campaign,” says a statement released by lawyers for Debbie Jodoin.

“He connected me by text message with a third party for that purpose. I trusted him, but as time went on I became increasingly concerned with the arrangement and suspected it was not OK.”

Jodoin says she began working as regional organizer for Brown’s campaign in May at his request and has over two decades’ experience with the Conservative Party.

Jodoin shared her concerns with the Conservative Party through her legal counsel, says the statement.

On Tuesday, the Conservative Party’s leadership committee disqualified Brown from the leadership race, citing “serious allegations of wrongdoing” related to financing rules.

Brown has rejected any suggestion of wrongdoing and said he was not given details of those allegations by the party before being turfed.

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